Ycela Carranza | Social Media Manager
Born native from Los Angeles and graduate from Cal State Northridge, Ycela has been working in social media and e-commerce for over 5 years. During her time off, she is an avid foodie, loves to visit museums and paint with her friends.  Fun fact: Ycela can only write in cursive and not in print.


Matthew Suh | CEO / Founder - Hyphen Apparel

Matthew hails from Baltimore, MD.  He has been involved in apparel import manufacturing and corporate retail brands for over 15+ years.  He has traveled and lived around the US as well as Guatemala for a number of years.  He started Hyphen Apparel in 2021 as smaller businesses have been growing rapidly. 

During his time off, Matthew loves to enjoy his time with Bailey, his Goldador (Half labrador / half Golden Retriever).  He also loves to BBQ and enjoy the outdoors while being an avid sports fan.  Being from Baltimore, he is a huge Ravens fan and loves crab cakes.